Most with Klinefelter Syndrome are infertile however there is a small hope in surgical sperm retrieval, known as Microtese. This method has only been in available in England for around 10 years. 

An invasive operation analyses testicles for viable sperm and if some is found it is extracted and either used immediately or frozen. 

The procedure is often after the taking of fertility drugs such as clomid which historically was given to women only. The drugs tend to be expensive and there are no guarantees of success. 

Here in the UK the best case scenario is that the guy has his girlfriend/wife in a room in ovulation ready for the sperm to be inserted. Obviously in the case of your son he may not be at that stage yet! 

The general belief is the younger they are for the sperm extraction the more likely success will be. I was 36 years old when I had my investigative operation although this was before microtese was available in the UK. Mine was unsuccessful, most are. 

I only know of 3 success cases in the whole of the UK. There are more in the states, If you ask within the groups you might find some of them. 

it is believed that 75% KS are never diagnosed! 

Many are diagnosed as adults like I was because the symptoms are so mild and it is not revealed until we try for our own family. 

Earlier diagnosis could’ve meant earlier intervention however in the UK testosterone isn’t given till puberty. 

One very difficult situation many parents find themselves in is diagnosis at a younger age and then trying to decide whether it is appropriate to ask a 13 or14-year-old about sperm extraction and starting a family. I’m sure you’ll agree this would be very difficult to comprehend for somebody of that age