About me

I live in Brighton in south east England, about 60 miles south of London, close to the south coast and the English Channel which I enjoy swimming in during the warmer months. 

I work in the UK fire service as a department manager and trainer, a role which I greatly enjoy and have performed for over 21 years. I am responsible for providing workplace fire safety training to a wide audience. Several times per week I deliver training both face to face and online. In my 21 years service I have delivered training to around 50,000 people. 

In my leisure time I enjoy cooking, mountain biking and open water swimming. I enjoy taking photographs and sharing them on social media. I cycle around 100k per week and have an active job which typically involves doing around 10,000 steps per day.

particularly enjoy open water swimming events, I have participated in many events of different distances including several 10k swims in open water. 

I put together videos of my bike rides from footage captured hand-held using my iPhone, see my other website


I also spend a lot of time helping people within the global Klinefelter Syndrome community.