Dental Health

Many KS adults do describe having poor dental health.

I was brought up to take good care of my teeth with regular brushing and frequent check ups. We seldom ate sweets and never drank fizzy pop (soda). 

It wasn’t until I was in my mid 30s that I started having dental problems. Now I have several filings and three crowns.  I have to be cautious with crunchy and sticky foods, they can easily cause problems with fillings becoming dislodged from their weak teeth footings. 

Recently I had my first wisdom tooth removal. This was following attempting to manage the pain from an infection with antibiotics however the pain was persistent making eating very uncomfortable so the decision was made to remove the tooth. It had a large filling and it was cracked underneath. I’m 48 years old. 

Other than taurodontism, there is not much written about poor dental health in KS. I believe that as a community we need a dental expert to take this on to clarify how great the risk is for KS and any methods for managing the risk. 

Many adult KS choose to have teeth pulled and without access to dental care (e.g funding issues) or frustration over not being a straightforward fix, they just leave gap of varying sizes in their mouth. 

I would encourage anyone with teeth difficulties to consider dental insurance if it is available because in the longer term it can save money and avoids suddenly receiving large bills for dental work.